Pros and Cons of an Online Degree

There has been a lot of speculation in regards to the benefits and draw backs of doing an online degree, especially in the current day and age where jobs have become increasingly competitive. Most articles that you find online in regards to online degree programs are biased to show only the good side of what an online degree has to offer. We feel it is necessary for people to know both sides of choosing such a route into education and let you decide for your self as to whether or not the pros out weight the cons. We will start off by looking at the pros of an online degree.

There are numerous benefits of doing an online degree in comparison to the old traditional way of going to university. One of the main reasons as to why this option is so popular in the current day and age is due to the fact that it is very flexible. What that basically means is that, seeing as there is no requirement to go into campus to attend your lectures, one is easily able to study based on his own terms and conditions. It allows one with the opportunity to base his study life around his other commitments such as work, rather than the other way around. This in effect has proven to benefit many working parents’ and young individuals that had no choice but to start a job due to financial constraints.

Other pros that you can expect to achieve from an online degree are in regards to the cost factor. The average degree studied at university costs one on average around $4000 to $5000 a year. That equates to roughly $15,000 – $20,000 for an entire degree course of three to four years. Do keep in mind these costs are for tuition fees alone. Other expenses that need to be taken into consideration which can all be saved with an online degree include traveling costs, accommodation costs and the costs of buying text books and notes. All of these expenses can easily be avoided with an online degree. It is said that even certain online degrees are known to be much cheaper in terms of tuition fees as well.

Even though there are a number of pros that an online degree has to offer, everything is known to have two sides. This is where we start to take a look at the cons of doing an online degree. The main issue that has been argued in regards to one doing an online degree is the fact that it limits ones interpersonal skills as they are no longer exposed to the environment where they can socialize with fellow class mates on a one to one basis.

Another issue that has also created a bit of concern for many in regards to doing an online degree is the value that the degree will have in comparison to those that actually go to university. Even though many experts have said that majority of the degrees are known to be equivalent to those obtained through attending a university, this can not be said for all degrees. The validity of this particular statement will solely depend on the chosen course.